How To Buy ToYAI

The following page will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to acquire ToYAI tokens using the Minswap DEX, including every precursory step such as setting up a Minswap Wallet (Minwallet), depositing ADA in the wallet, and using them to swap ADA for TOYAI.

Step 1: Setup & fund your Minswap wallet

The first step includes setting up your Minswap wallet (minwallet) on a web browser of your choice, as well as funding it with Cardano (ADA) from a source such as an exchange or an existing wallet you own already.

The video above guides you through this process. Setting up your Minswap wallet doesn’t require any sort of plug-in or external software installation, as it is located entirely on your browser. The most important part of setting up your Minwallet is ensuring that you keep the 24-word recovery phrase which is displayed to you after clicking “New wallet”, as this phrase will be used to recover your wallet and any assets it contains in the case that you lost access to your device. After your wallet has been set up, it is as simple as copying the address of your Minwallet and using it to deposit funds from an external source.

Step 2: Using MinSwap DEX to exchange ADA for TOYAI

The second step requires you to use your wallet to swap tokens on the actual DEX (Decentralized Exchange) section of Minswap. You will be taken there by clicking the ‘Trade’ button on the websites navigation, which will bring you to a screen which looks something like this:

The rest of the work is a matter of using your Cardano from Minwallet to select & swap ADA for TOYAI, as shown in the video below:

That’s all that’s needed to buy ToYAI!