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About ToYAI

ToYAI is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge software and products, including computer programs, mobile applications, games, interactive toys, books, chatbots, and teaching software. Our solutions are tailored for use by parents, teachers, and schools, incorporating specially designed artificial intelligence to facilitate children’s learning, information absorption, and overall development.

ToYAI is designed with the goal of helping advance Artificial Intelligence & Software specializing in pedagogy. By gathering data about children’s behaviour, habits, and development, we seek to attract contributions from the cryptocurrency community interestedd in supporting such AI developments through ToYAI.

While our software aims to aid all children, it holds particular significance for those with developmental conditions such as autism (HFA, LFA), ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, among others. Our commitment lies in providing additional support for children facing these developmental challenges.

Founded by a group of passionate students from University College Dublin, Ireland, in collaboration with experts in AI, Psychology, Paedology, and Pedagogy, ToyAI operates on the Cardano blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence and children’s development

ToYAI employs a learning methodology inspired by Generative Pre-training Transformer (GPT) AI, utilizing deep learning algorithms to simulate the human thought process. By leveraging the Cardano blockchain, we train neural networks (fig. 1) to glean insights from extensive data stored on the blockchain, contributing to significant advancements in child psychology, learning, and development.


Fig. 1
Our collaborative efforts with IT and AI specialists ensure ToYAI adheres to the highest standards. We exclusively consult experts in neurology and psychology, particularly those specializing in behavioral and pediatric psychology, to gather comprehensive data for our artificial intelligence database, hosted on Cardano’s blockchain.

Cardano blockchain

Being Cardano-based, our token utilizes a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, minimizing energy consumption, environmental impact, and transaction gas fees compared to proof-of-work systems. In its early stages as of 2023, plans are underway to introduce public staking pools and airdrops, as well as integrate the token into adjacent industries like gaming and commercial toys. ToYAI is committed to pioneering ethical and innovative solutions that positively impact children’s development through the power of artificial intelligence.